All you need to know about latex mattresses

When we want to buy a new mattress it is very hard to make a decision since there are many products on the market. It is comfortable enough and good for your health? It is durable? It has a good value? These are the main questions you keep asking yourself when deciding to buy a mattress.

While the majority of consumers prefer memory foam mattresses, some may consider a latex mattress for the advantages  it provides.


What is a latex mattress?

Latex mattresses have been available on the market since the mid 1950s. It is considered one of the most healthiest mattresses because it contains an organic element – latex – that comes from the sap of rubber trees..

The majority of bed mattresses are made from chemical materials like memory foam or gel foam that react to your body temperature; if you fear these types of chemical materials with which you're coming into contact you should consider buying a latex mattress. It is considered one of the healthiest and Eco-friendly mattresses because it contains an organic element – latex – that comes from the sap of rubber trees.


Types of latex foam mattresses

There are three types of Latex foam mattresses:

  • Natural latex
  • Blended latex
  • 100% synthetic latex

Natural latex is in fact processed tree sap; mattresses that contain natural latex are hard to find on the market since they are expensive and durable, lasting for more than 15 years.


Ways to make latex foam mattresses

There are two main ways to make latex mattress foam:

  • Talalay process and
  • Dunlop process.

Talalay process consists combining synthetic materials and air that result in a softer feeling foam. Natural Talalay does not exist on the market so for this reason most of it it's blended with synthetic components.

Through Dunlop process the latex mattress becomes firmer. Both of these mentioned processes can be 100% synthetic.



Latex mattresses are known for their great durability due to the durable and breathable nature of latex. Some of the products can last more than 15 years because of the materials used. Also, the warranty of the mattress will help you to protect it from potential product failures that might decrease its life.



By having a latex mattress you will experience the same support provided by a memory foam mattress. It will conform to your body's natural curves and it will reduce your back pressure. Furthermore, it will respond very quickly to your body position, allowing yourself to easily change your position at night.


Other advantages of latex foam mattresses

There are other advantages in purchasing a latex mattress. For instance, a mattress that is made from latex or it contains latex it will not have that chemical odor when its new. Also, it may produce more heat than a traditional spring mattress.

It is also fire retardant and non-toxic. The mattresses sold in the United States must conform to some safety requirements. Most mattresses from the market are containing flame-retardant chemical that are extremely toxic, but in the case of latex mattresses the flame retardant is natural and it is made from untreated wool. This makes the mattress non-toxic and able to meet the safety requirements.


Nevertheless, buying a latex mattress is a matter of personal choice, but after reading all of these characteristic and advantages you may consider purchasing one.